There has been a very important change in the GCA membership, the month you join on is now your anniversary month.
For current members, renewals are changing as well.

Please read...  http://www.thegca.org/gca-makes-a-big-move


Welcome to the GCA online Store.

Looking to Join the GCA, online? Easy as 1, 2,3 and A,B,C ...
1) Please set up an account in the the GCA online Store first.
To Do so, Click on the " New Customer ? " link above.

Setting up an account (Registering) is NOT applying for membership, it's just setting up an E-Store account so you can purchase a membership.

2) Once you have created an account on the GCA online Store,
A) Make sure you are logged in by clicking on  "Your Account" above, or the "Returning Customer ?" link above.
B) If you aren't, you'll be asked you to login.
C) Once logged in, you can order your GCA Membership via the GCA online Store, by clicking on " Membership " , and selecting " New Membership ".

3) Your new GCA membership package will be mailed to your shipping address along with your GCA Membership card, on which will be your GCA Membership number. Please return to the GCA online store and update your Account registration with your GCA Membership number.


Present or Past GCA Members:
Please set up an account in the the GCA online Store first.
To Do so, Click on the " New Customer ? " link above.

If you have not used the GCA online store before, even if your a GCA member, you need to set up your account on the GCA online store.
Please be sure to read Notes 2 and 3 below.


 Important Notes:

1) To ensure you receive your receipts and confirmation emails:
We recommend you put the Store's email address on your email "white list" or "safe sender list": email.jpg

2) It is very important that we do not duplicate GCA memberships. If you have been a GCA member at any time since the year 2002 you are still a present member. Although your membership may have lapsed and may be inactive at this time, you will still be renewing your GCA membership. One is only a "New Member" once. If you do not know your GCA membership number please just put the word "renewal" in that field.
Thank you!

3) As a  GCA member with the GCA online Store account you've created you'll be able to:
Renew your current GCA Membership. ( by clicking on " Membership ", and selecting " Membership Renewal 1 year ".)
Order available Back Issues of the Journal.
Order available "Best of the GCA Journal" books.
Order any GCA items / apparel offered (more to come in the future).

4)  Click here to learn how to pay by Check or Money Order for your orders on the GCA online Store.

5) For Any special request for shipping or quantities, general membership questions, or if you just like the old fashion way, feel free to call, fax or email our friendly staff at our office:
Email: Info@thegca.org or Call 1-816-471-2005 (9-5 Mon-Fri) FAX: 1- 816-421-1991

6) For E-Store Technical help  for a problem you may experience during registration or using the store,
please send email to  : webmaster@thegca.org