There has been a very important change in the GCA membership, the month you join on is now your anniversary month. For current memebers renewals are changing as well.

Please read...  http://www.thegca.org/gca-makes-a-big-move


It is very important that we do not duplicate GCA memberships. If you have been a GCA member at any time since the year 2002 you are still a present member. Although your membership may have lapsed and may be inactive at this time, you will still be renewing your GCA membership. One is only a "New Member" once. If you do not know your GCA membership number please just put the word "renewal" in that field.
Thank you!


From below , please Select either

" New Membership " (if you've never been a GCA member at all)


" Membership Renewals "
Former Members, Select Renewal, for those that have been a GCA member at any time since 2002, even if you have let your membership lapse during that time.


GCA Policies - must read.

After tabulating and analyzing the results of a membership survey regarding fraudulent transactions, the Garand Collectors Association Board of Directors has developed the following policy. This policy is now in effect, and the Board encourages all members to read it carefully.

Conduct of Members
Section I.
Actions and performance of members that are not in the best interest of the Association and its membership shall be grounds for termination of a membership. Termination of membership shall mean permanent barring from any GCA function and elimination from the membership roll and shall be by action of the Board of Directors.Grounds for termination of a membership could include and are not limited to the following: nonpayment of dues, dishonest, fraudulent misrepresentation, malfeasance of office, conviction of a felony, issuance of insufficient funds check, dishonor or disgrace of the Association.

Section II.
A. Any member in good standing may file with any member of the Board of Directors of the Garand Collectors Association any complaint regarding transactions, dealings or relationships with any other GCA members. All complaints must be in writing, email, or email attachement, and complete details must be included. No verbal complaints will be considered under any circumstances.

B. The Board of Directors will investigate all complaints and insure that all parties involved have a chance to explain their positions. The Board of Directors may take such action as it deems necessary to resolve complaints that reach the Board of Directors. The action of the Board of Directors is final. The decision of the Board of Directors on any matter of complaint shall be considered in the best interest of the membership of the Garand Collectors Association and shall not subject the Board of Directors or any member thereof to personal liability.



·         Effective May 10, 2013, GCA changed from a fixed membership year with all members renewing on Sept. 1 to a year-round renewal structure.

·         Existing members who expire Sept. 1, 2013 will be randomly divided between all the months of the year and offered a pro-rated membership renewal fee to take them from Sept. 1, 2013 to their new assigned renewal month.  A special one-time renewal notice will be mailed out to all these members soon.

·         Dec. 1, 2013, the pro-rated special membership renewal expires.  After that date, renewing members should pay the usual $25 and will simply be processed for 12 months of membership starting from when they renew.  Examples:  Renew Dec. 15, 2013; new renewal date is Jan. 1, 2014.  Renew Feb. 25, 2014; new renewal date is March 1, 2015.

·         If renewals are submitted so late that issues of the GCA Journal have been missed, they will not automatically be sent.  They may be purchased as back issues for $5 each, subject to availability.

·         Because membership expiration dates now extend 12 months from the membership renewal date, members will always receive a full year’s worth of membership and four issues of the quarterly GCA Journal, even if they renew late.

New Members:

·         After May 10, 2013, new memberships will no longer automatically expire on Sept. 1.  The membership will run for 12 months from when the application is processed.  Example:  Join on May 20, 2013 and expiration date is June 1, 2014.